How American Films Have Been Influenced by Japanese Movies

Japanese movie industry is one of the oldest and the largest worldwide. Numerous Japanese movies have won great rewards and enjoy a huge fan base. As a result, a great interest by American filmmakers has been aroused making them adopt some of the Japanese movies and make an American version.

Akira Kurosawa, who is a famous Japanese writer, has had a great influence on the working of multiple American filmmakers. Among them is George Lucas who was greatly inspired by The Hidden Fortress, a movie made by Kurosawa when making Star War film.

Some of the Japanese cultural items used in Japanese movies such as Samurai helmet and his armor played a great role in making the outfit worn by Darth Vader. Some of the names used such as Jedi that is derived from the Japanese word jidai-geki, and Yoda, which is a family name in Japan.

There are American filmmakers as well such as Sergei Eisenstein have been greatly influenced by the Japanese film industry where he was able to learn three hundred Japanese kanji. In his Essay in Film Theory production, he has used the words Japanese and Japan over 62 times.

Another notable influence of Japanese movies on American film is noted in the remaking of popular Japanese movies such as Seven Samurai by Kurosawa whose American version is called The Magnificent Seven. Though the film has been remade, the introduction of the American ideologies has made the movie stand out. Yojimbo is another American film that is a remake of the Japanese movie A Fistful of Dollars

Some of the American versions of these movies are a huge success while others have yielded horrible results. It is amazing to see the great result from some of the American filmmakers in the remaking of these films or even introducing Japanese culture in American films.

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