Best Sites to Watch Japanese Movies Online?

Japanese movies have gained popularity in the recent past and with the increased internet speed, you will be able to watch them from any location globally. It will also be possible to choose the movies that have English subtitles and to make it even better; you will be able to access sites that are mobile friendly that will show free Asian videos as well.

Here are the top sites that will allow you to access Japanese movies online:


The is among the best Japanese movies sites where you will be able to watch the latest releases as well as movies that were produced in the past. The movies are attractively arranged and you will be able to view them in alphabetical order, genre or based on the release dates.


If you are looking for a huge library of videos that dated back in 1894 or the latest Japanese movies, this is the right site for you. In addition, you will be able to watch free Asian videos or any of your favorite from any country globally. You will be able to filter your search results to a specific year when the movie was released.


This is also a popular site where thousands of Japanese movies are available. If you love Japanese movies that have English subtitles, this is the site for you and to make it even more interesting, there are other shows that are aired as well.


The website has 1080p HD resolution and has Japanese movies that are categorized based on the content such as action movies, animation movies, adventure movies, horror movies or crime movies. The website is free from spam links and if you love Japanese movies that have English subtitles, they are available.

Ice Films

In addition to having the trending Japanese movies, you will also be able to view free Asian videos and other videos that will be difficult to find on any other site. No subscription is required to access the high-resolution content on the website.


This is among the best sites that you can watch Japanese porn movies. The website has provided subtitles for most movies and to help you in choosing the best movies to watch, there is a star rating for every movie. All the new releases and those that are currently trending are available on this website.

Most of the Japanese movies can be viewed from any location worldwide without any charges. Majority of the websites will also contain free Asian Videos that will provide a wide variety to choose from based on your personal preference.